the plight of the underdog (1)

I think that everyone can understand the plight of the underdog.

Or at least, I hope everyone can to a certain extent. Some of the best stories told are those of the successful underdogs, people who have legitimate odds to overcome and who, despite the losing position they occupy, manage to come out victorious. They reach the happy ending and win.

Generally, I think we all want a happy ending—I can admit that I do. That’s a big part of understanding the underdog plight.

There are also many people who have yet to see any hope for a happy ending, who are unsuccessful in their attempts to overcome those odds. These people are what I want to conceptualize as the victims. Perhaps that’s an overstatement, but I think there is some portion of accuracy to the suggestion of such a concept.

I suggest to you that a victim is simply an unsuccessful underdog. Subjected to varying levels of oppression and abuse, the victim is in desperate need of acceptance and validation. The victim is often unrecognized and undesired as well as underappreciated and undervalued, possessing a story that has yet to really be told. In the more extreme cases, the victim is abhorred, objectified, and dehumanized, possessing a voice so bound that it cannot be heard. The victim is the unsuccessful underdog.

In certain respects, I am an underdog who has a blend of successes and failures. I have had a lot of good days, and I am grateful for those. I have also had a lot of bad days, days where I felt just like the victim I described. And those days, those are sometimes much harder to appreciate.

Thankfully, I don’t feel much like the victim nowadays.

For a while now, I have been overcoming my own odds and embracing a happy ending greater than I can imagine. More than I can ever share, following Christ has given me unlimited access to a satisfying supply of love, acceptance, and validation. The victory I have in Him empowers me to win in all kinds of ways. And I win far more than I used to dream possible because I am on the side of the ultimate underdog. And His side is incredible.

One way that I win on His side is with this blog.

I am attempting to do a lot with this thing. I told you in the first post that I had to speak up and tell my story. I suppose that this blog will amplify my own quieted voice to some of the various and complicated plights I have encountered. Here, in my own voice and words, I declare the truth of my own unheard testimony.

It might seem like a strange win, but it is a powerful kind of retribution, and I continue to hope that, in some way, it brings better days for the other underdogs out there and magnifies a God who loves underdogs with all kind of stories and statuses.

I think everyone can understand that too—or at least, I hope you can.

Love Love Love,



One thought on “the plight of the underdog (1)

  1. God is all about underdogs! He wants to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things through because then it is clear it is His hand at work. Just look at David vs. Goliath, David was definitely an underdog but triumphed with God’s help. Blessings!


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