trust the process

Some time ago, a friend encouraged me to “trust the process,” words that I say to myself often.

I have found it to be increasingly relevant that I trust the process as life becomes more demanding and uncertain. The older I get, the more concerns and questions I have about things that are outside of my control. Despite said concerns and questions, I have been doing my best to make things work, be content, and organize lofty plans for success.

The thing is that it’s usually after I have made great plans that life happens. Then, I have to negotiate my thwarted expectations and revise my plans, plans onto which I may have been holding kind of tightly.

Such is life.

To clarify, I am not worried about the future. I really do believe that things will ultimately turn out well and feel like my wishes for life can and will come true. My issue is when I don’t know exactly what the future holds, and it’s much more challenging to find contentment in the uncertainty of it all. I can get extremely overwhelmed since I don’t know the details of the coming weeks, months, years, and so on.

I have often tried winning that losing battle by, again, making plans for greatness. Some of that is general i.e. developing a broad vision for my life or writing down long-term goals. Some of that is also specific i.e. figuring out what I am doing, eating, wearing, etc. on a given day. Either way, it feels great because I can then declare with some level of confidence that I indeed do know the future.

Coming to terms with the fact that I will never know the future with absolute certainty has given me more opportunities to trust in the process of things. Though I am not worried about the future, I am certainly challenged by it. And those challenges can be discouraging and confusing and frustrating along with many other feelings of discontentment: all opportunities to remind myself to trust.

In the discontent moments, my tendency towards fear and anxiety appears, and I have to be really intentional about keeping my peace, or else, I’ll lose it in the stress of it all. It is in these moments that I have learned to loosen my grip on my great plans, release some of my rigid expectations for what and how things were going to happen, and continue cooperating with the process.

That can be immensely terrifying and anxiety-causing.

It can also be relieving to be rid of that pressure, particularly once I can just accept that whatever I wanted to happen is not going to happen right here and right now. It makes room for a lot more peace and clarity, and I can use as much of those as I can get.

It also gives me opportunity to be patient and not rush through my life, anxiously missing out on the joy of the journey as I anticipate its end. There are all kinds of blessings that come every day; I would hate to miss them simply because I’m frazzled and discontent, caught up with myself and my great plans.

Long story short, sometimes, I know I just need to keep calm and carry on, to just trust God and go on; it makes for better days ahead and greater appreciation and contentment while in the process.

Blessings for you and your process.

Love Love Love,



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