more than what you think

I am more than what you think.

I remain aware that there is an invisible and very present audience on the other side of the “publish” button. And that audience is taking in what I communicate and being impacted when I click that button.

Of course, I hope that my communications via this blog have been helpful. While considering this variable and hopefully beneficial impact, I felt it appropriate to communicate something more directly about myself in hopes that your capacity and desire to understand me will increase.

It is said that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and I think those words are true for lots of things in life. Those words are quite true for this authentic story that I’m telling you. For everything that I have said thus far, there are so many words that remain unsaid, and I want you to remember that and hope you will continue to read and learn more.

Continuing to read my posts will ideally always offer you additional information and insight into how I see the world, what I have experienced, and simply who I am. It will, however, never grant you complete and confident comprehension of who I am because there will always be more to my story that I have not told.

I will not assume that what you are thinking is right or wrong, though I recognize that you can be either of those things or even both. I will declare that I am more than whatever you have thought and are thinking now and that you will probably get it wrong if you run too far with one thing I communicate.

What I tell you may possibly impact you in all kinds of ways. It may alter how you perceive me, influence your worldview, and maybe even change the person you are. Perhaps I am setting the bar of possibilities higher than I should. I am giving you my story, which means, I am essentially giving you me, and I feel like anything is possible when something as priceless as a personal story is being told. And that is what happens when you take part in this blog.

The world we live in is inundated with consumption, and this is one of my chances to produce and share something meaningful and worthwhile from within myself for others to receive and consume.

That might seem kind of self-absorbed or self-glorifying, and I recognize that capacity and steward it as faithfully as I can. I still think my story has meaning and worth, and I will tell it to you authentically.

For the people that stumble here without any idea of who I am, I recommend that you read my first post, and see where that gets you. In real life, I can be longwinded, talk in circles, speak intellectually or cryptically over people’s heads, and I am trying to write honestly and authentically so that none of that gets in the way of you hearing me out.

For the people that care about me or have ever wondered about me, I hope that you are reading, reflecting, and responding as best as you can. That’s what I said on the first page, and I meant it. I cannot force a connection between us; I can make opportunities to connect, and I hope you take me up on my offer by listening to what I have to say.

I am giving you me because I want to be seen and known as I am, not just as what you think, and these posts will give you additional glimpses and glances into who I am so that you can see and know me more fully. And you can connect with me more if you want.

That being said, if you’re not interested in learning more or feel like you know enough, then so be it. I’m not here to force or impose anything on anybody. If you are interested though, then you are in the right place at the right time. And I want you to keep reading and learning about me, and I want it to enhance your connection to other people (me included), to yourself, and to God.

I want it to leave you a little less closed and a little more open to receive love, something I believe we all could use.

Love Love Love,




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